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True story...

The Legend of the Lone Sailor Legend has it that the Lone Sailor was a salty BM2 who gave zero fucks as he had only two weeks left in the Navy and was about to go on terminal leave. As he stood on the pier waiting for the duty driver to take him to the airport, he was approached by a crusty old Master Chief who didn't approve of his hands in his pockets. Furious that he got "shipmated" one last time right before going on terminal leave, he remembered that he recently contracted short-timers disease. That gave him the courage to tell Master Chief to shove his uniform regs up his aft. After a few seconds of some pretty loud and colorful language, Master Chief summoned the magical, nautical powers bestowed upon him by King Neptune himself and knife-handed BM2 so hard that he turned into a statue. There he stands to this day with his hands in his pockets, dip still in his mouth, probably had on white socks too, still waiting for the duty driver to take him to the airport.

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