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Family vacation ruined by rude SailorBy: Navy Crimes staff

PEARL HARBOR — A San Francisco family of four had their vacation ruined when they were turned away from touring a US Navy warship home-ported at Joint Naval Expeditionary Medical Mobile Air Station Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. “It was a bit disappointing because we planned this trip months ago, drove all the way from San Francisco only to be turned away so rudely like this.” said a woman who asked to only be identified as Diane. “This is just wrong how she did us. We support the troops! We bought Top Gun on VHS, DVD and Blu Ray.” exclaimed Diane’s husband, Jack. Jack and Diane also told us the unidentified Sailor who turned them away could be heard in the distance talking to another Sailor, saying, “Bitch, tours are over at 1600. These m*****f*****s should’ve came five minutes earlier.” We attempted to contact the ship via the quarterdeck phone number provided on the ship’s website. Someone answered the phone, but the only thing we could hear were sounds from a pornographic video and giggling in the background. 

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