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Dependa Conference?

Dependa Conference

Day 1 events:

8-10 AM - Bulking Up: Packing it on that sturdy Dependa frame.

10-3 PM: Lunch (Special guest speaker to offer eating tips that reinforce the morning session).

3-4 PM - Air Ops: How to put your nose up there and keep it up there.

Day 2:

7-9 AM: Righteous Indignance: How to effectively throw your spouse's anchor on and off base. 9-11AM: Navigation Skills: Advanced applications of and Righteous Indignance in the civilian world, including social media "Do's" (There are no "Dont's" for a Dependa)

11-12 AM: Lunch. Chow down and put those newly earned skills to the test.

12-1 PM: Uniform Regs: Basically irrelevant, but demonstrates the correct ways to wear and throw around your husband's rank in various stages of undress (A companion lecture to Social Medai section)

1-2 PM: I AM IN THE NAVY TOO!: A discussion about why YOU are more important to the Navy than your contractually obligated spouse. Includes phone numbers and email addresses for ALL CMCs, XOs, and COs worldwide.

2-4 PM: Your Bed is Jody's MWR Hotspot: Your spouse is a Chief now. Longer hours for them, more MWR time for the junior Sailors. DO.YOUR PART.

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